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Anna Cieplucha

Born in Lodz, Poland, Anna, is an architect by training. Whilst working for years in many countries, she developed her passion for painting - learning to express herself by creating richly textured, three-dimensional, acrylic abstract impasto 

contemporary paintings full of vibrant energy drawn from both nature and architecture. 

Brian Coulter

Brian is a native of Glasgow; since relocating to Ireland over 20 years ago, he has found the time and place to pursue his lifelong passion for painting. He now specialises in large atmospheric, ambient landscapes inspired mainly by the environs of Lough Erne and Castle Archdale near his home.

Brian has had many successful solo exhibitions and has shown in numerous group exhibitions in galleries in Scotland and Ireland. His work can be found in both private and public collections, including the Hose of Lords and Stormont Parliament. 

There is a selection of Brian Coulter's prints on our 'Art of Fermanagh and Ireland' page. 

Liam Blake

Liam Blake (1939 - 2002), had the distinction of being born between the bridges, the hallmark of a true Enniskilliner. One of ten children born to William Blake, founder of Blake's of the Hollow. 

Devenish Gallery hosted a hugely successful exhibition of the late artist's work in 2022 as part of Fermanagh Live and is proud to offer further examples of the late artist's work. 


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